The end of Fitbaw?

Friday, 11 December 2015

Hi guys,

You're on this email because, at one time or another, you've played fives in the Wednesday night game known as Fitbaw. Fitbaw started way back in 2004 and this season is now our 12th. However, due to a large number of injuries, people moving away, change of jobs, etc., it's also been the worse attended season. Were it not for the many Bosmans and Randoms we've managed to pick up along the way, there wouldn't have been a season at all - 50% of our games have had Bosmans in them and we've had to cancel 2 as well which never happens!

With this in mind, I'm not sure if Fitbaw will continue in 2016. I've been organising ten men onto the park week in and week out for 12 years and after this season, I'm not sure I can continue to do so. It's just a total pain in the arse - chasing people, waiting for responses, trying to find last minute replacements, hoping that we can get Bosmans and when we do, hoping they actually turn up. I am willing to keep doing all of this, just so I can get a game of fives once a week, but it depends on the responses to this email. Also, with the increased pitch prices, if we have anoy more than 2 Bosmans, we end up out of pocket each game and there's no longer a kitty to cover any of this.

What I'm looking for is to re-establish the Fitbaw Hardcore - 12 or 13 guys who are willing to turn up every week, other than holidays and injuries. When you're Fitbaw Hardcore, you don't make plans for Wednesdays because you already have them - Fitbaw! When you're Fitbaw Hardcore, you reply ASAP to invites to games, you take part on the MOTM polls and engage with your fellow players. Obviously, things come up and there will be some weeks you can't make a game for various reasons but all I ask is that you do your best to make yourself available every week wherever possible. Are you an existing ringer who wants to be Hardcore? This is your chance!

Maybe you can't make this sort of commitment but are still wanting a game now and then. Great! I'll happily add you to the ringers list. The ringers are the guys that keep the games going when holidays and injuries take their inevitable toll and are just as important as the Hardcore.

So, if you're interested, please let me know if you're wanting to become a Hardcore member or a ringer. Do you know anyone else who is looking for a game? If so, pass this email on and ask them to get in touch. For Fitbaw to realistically continue, we need at least 12 Hardcore and a further 6-8 Ringers. We'll keep the same location and kick off time (Powerleague Townhead, 6:30pm, every Wednesday). If we get enough, then Fitbaw will battle on. If not, this is the the end of Fitbaw as we know it.

The (potentially) last game is this Wednesday so if you're around, and want to play and haven't received a Teamer invite yet, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. If you have received a Teamer invite, do me a favour and reply, eh?

Finally, seeing as this might be the end, if any players from the past want to join us for a few beers on the 19th December, 7pm at The Admiral, it'll be great to see you.


PS - if I've missed anyone out, please forward it on

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