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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

One thing about having a kid is the gangs that the mums seem to form, supposedly for support for new mums but, from what I can tell, mainly to organise nights out drinking. One of these gangs that Gillian is part of is the "Nursery Mums". Some of the dads decided that they deserved a night out too and so the "Nursery Dads" were formed. Our mandate revolves around going out for a curry and as much lager as possible until summoned home. One member of our drinking team is Barry who played a bit of proper serious football in his younger days before injuries took their toll. Barry is the latest recruit to our squad of ringers and plays his first game tonight. Here's his self evaluation:

  1. Fitness level, out of five, where 1 is “I’ll be dead in five minutes and spend the rest in goals” and 5 is “I shall run all day and track back every time we’re in defence”
    • I think 2 but probably that means 1.5
  2. Skill level, out of five, where 1 is “The ball will likely just bounce of me” and five is “I use both feet with consummate ease and have a fine array of tricks”
    • Now I think about 3 but have lost pace and ability to take people on as much so probably a 2
  3. Passing ability, out of five, where 1 is “You’re lucky if I can just get the ball away from my feet!” and five is “I’m all about the one touch, total football”
    • I think 4 but lets see what happens
  4. Speed, out of five, where 1 is “I’m more of a long distance runner” and five is “Usain Bolt!” 
    • 1.5  mixture of kebabs and arthritis has slowed me down
  5. Best position – keeper, defender, defensive midfield (good distributer), attacking midfield (goal scorer but not an out and out striker) or striker
    • Don’t mind apart from not being in goals for too long (unless game is too fast for me)
  6. Footballing history – any useful info. Did you play amateur? More of an 11s player? Once had trials for Barcelona? Anything you think might be relevant.
    • Played youth football for a few professional teams, highest level was a couple of reserve games but really I am just another guy who didn’t quite make it…cruciate injury ended 11s game when I was about 19/20 and have played 5s on/off since.
I'll have a look at getting some teams up at some point but with new ringers, it's always a bit tricky. I hope you'll make Barry feel welcome (which means wait 5 minutes into the game before chopping him down or putting him into the boards please).

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