Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tonight, we say goodbye to one of Fitbaw's long serving players. Jon is retiring, for the second time, to start a new life as a Viking in Denmark with his lovely Mrs, May-Britt.

Jon first found his way to Fitbaw through Si after joining SEPA and his first game as a ringer was way back in July 2005. He was promoted at the end of that season and finished third in 2006 after leading for most of the year!

2007 saw Jon get itchy feet and he headed off for the land down under in June with plans to try and get away with staying there for as long as possible. Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for us) his visa ran out and he returned to the Fitbaw field June 2008 and was promptly promoted to Hardcore again at the end of the season.
Since then he's hardly missed a game and in 2010 and 2011, Jon was the most capped player playing 90 games over the two seasons. 2010 also saw Jon's highest finish with 2nd place.

By 2012, Jon was looking to kick-start his "get the hell out of the UK" plans and took a job up in the Highlands. For some reason, commuting back to Glasgow on a Wednesday night for fives didn't seem like a good idea to him but he kept on playing and returned to us in late September with his new found skill of shooting!
Tonight will be Jon's 235th game for Fitbaw and he's been a great servant. Always willing to step and get things to "calm down" when tempers rise and always there with a shout of encouragement or some advice on where to go, stand, run, stop, pass, look and tern! Jon leaves us a better player (nothing to do with us) and I hope he's enjoyed his time. All the best for the future mate!

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