Fitbaw Awards 2012

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

For those who missed the best night out of the year (and shame on you all!), here are the awards that Steven and Paul so kindly came up with:

  • Sex offenders register award (aka Jimmy Saville) – Robert for a series of rapey tackles
  • Abused for no reason award (aka Jimmy Saville's victim) – Neil after Robert just turned around and kicked him
  • Pineapple dance studio award for the gayest injury – Stu for a sore toe (honourable mentions for Kyle's blister and Martie's varicose veins)
  • Worst excuse award (aka Eddie Murphy) – Martie for missing 2 weeks with a washing machine delivery (Eddie Murphy said I was just giving her a lift home)
  • UN Peacekeeper award (aka Kofi Annan) – Jon for trying to get everyone to try and calm down. First week he played with Gary and Robert was hilarious.
  • Worst tackle and best use of obstruction award (aka Terry Hurlock) – Iain for his tackle on Paul and repeated obstructions throughout the season
  • Best use of limited ability award (aka Timmaaaaaaaaaaaay) – Scott for his repeated use of the unstoppable turn and shoot
  • Floods of tears awards (aka Noah's Ark)  – Ross for constantly moaning about everything
  • Goal of the season award – Kyle for his Gazza-esque volley
  • Mr and Mrs award (aka Brangelina) – Robert and Gary
  • Gayest strip award - Paul for the top with the waves on it
  • Domestic violence award (aka Whitney Houston) - Kyle for being too scared of his Mrs to come to the night out
There are photos but I'm not sure how suitable for public viewing they are!

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