The 2012 Fitbaw Season

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

So here we are at the end of the season. A season that has been up and down at times. Never before have we had to cancel as many games due to lack of numbers - a whole two! We've had a game called off through flooding and we even tried some new pitches (never again!). We discovered Teamer and my life became just that little bit easier. There was a new picking formula which worked for a while but then the shape of the squad changed and Robert threw his toys out the pram. Picking by committee is now back in place and my life got a little bit harder again.

There were a lot of players missing long term with Ross, Kyle and Alan all being injured for half the season or more. Both Martie and Paul went under the knife and required recovery time. Jon migrated north for seven months for work but came back willing to shoot! Si also retired this year (boo) but it finally gave Robert the promotion to the hardcore he's been so eagerly waiting for (yay).

As a result, we've relied heavily on the ringers with Grant and Gary being the most regular and reliable. We've added some good members to the regular ringers, with Graeme and Allan have been the most notable of these, and we've lost a few too (anyone seen Michael recently?). Add them to the recent influx of Idox based players and we should be in good shape for next year. In total, there have been 37 different players this season which is the highest ever. I think the total number of different players over the last nine season is around 94 or 95!

Out of all the injuries though, Steve mainly survived and went to to secure POTY a few weeks ago. He's also secured the MVP (best points to games ratio) and has the highest number of points ever accumulated in a single season too. Can he do the never been done before triple and take home MOTM award as well? Only Robert can catch him so I think we should make sure that they're in opposite teams and sit back and enjoy watching them knock lumps out of each other!

Enjoy the final game tonight (gutted I'm not playing) and see you all on Saturday, 3pm at The Admiral where Steve and Paul will dish out abuse and awards.

First game back will be 9th January.

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