Imran Khan (not the cricketer)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Loads of folks out this week. So much so that we actually ran out of players in the squad. I've brought in Imran who's looking for a game and Callum has managed to get one of his mates to play too. All I know about Duffy (Callum's mate) is that he's a solid player who plays at the back and is comfortable on the ball but is a bit less fit than Callum is. Below are Imran's self-evaluation results:

  1. Fitness level, out of five, where 1 is “I’ll be dead in five minutes and spend the rest in goals” and 5 is “I shall run all day and track back every time we’re in defence”
    • Fitness levels okay can run the whole game if its medium paced game
  2. Skill level, out of five, where 1 is “The ball will likely just bounce of me” and five is “I use both feet with consummate ease and have a fine array of tricks”
    • 3
  3. Passing ability, out of five, where 1 is “You’re lucky if I can just get the ball away from my feet!” and five is “I’m all about the one touch, total football”
    • 4
  4. Speed, out of five, where 1 is “I’m more of a long distance runner” and five is “Usain Bolt!” 
    • 4
  5. Best position – keeper, defender, defensive midfield (good distributer), attacking midfield (goal scorer but not an out and out striker) or striker
    • Left back defence
  6. Footballing history – any useful info. Did you play amateur? More of an 11s player? Once had trials for Barcelona? Anything you think might be relevant.
    • Played Sunday league and a few local teams but just started playing after a year so stamina is low
Not sure about teams this week. With two new players and so many ringers, it might just be best to judge the teams up there when you get everyone on the pitch. You can see the full squad on Teamer.

I'm not playing to please give the money to Neil and have a great game!

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