Back outside in the rain!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The general opinion of the pitches last week was "never again" and so back to Townhead we go and back into the rain. A few people said that it would be good to maybe play indoors during the winter but we don't have the option of jumping between venues without losing our block booking so I'm afraid you'll just have to look out your long johns and gloves.

Getting ten for tonight was a bit of a challenge. So much so that we have a new squad member - Callum Watson. Callum has recently joined Idox in the Finance team. Here's his self-evaluation report:

  1. Fitness level, out of five, where 1 is “I’ll be dead in five minutes and spend the rest in goals” and 5 is “I shall run all day and track back every time we’re in defence”
    • 4
  2. Skill level, out of five, where 1 is “The ball will likely just bounce of me” and five is “I use both feet with consummate ease and have a fine array of tricks”
    • 3.5
  3. Passing ability, out of five, where 1 is “You’re lucky if I can just get the ball away from my feet!” and five is “I’m all about the one touch, total football”
    • 4
  4. Speed, out of five, where 1 is “I’m more of a long distance runner” and five is “Usain Bolt!” 
    • 3
  5. Best position – keeper, defender, defensive midfield (good distributer), attacking midfield (goal scorer but not an out and out striker) or striker
    • I prefer to play an attacking midfield role at 5s. Play full back or centre half at 11s so pretty versatile!
  6. Footballing history – any useful info. Did you play amateur? More of an 11s player? Once had trials for Barcelona? Anything you think might be relevant.
    • I play amateur on a Saturday morning, although among the lower rungs! Played boys club football all my days and had a half-season at pro youth level with the now-defunct Gretna U17s, waaaay back in 2003/04!
Basically, if you assume Callum's being even a wee bit modest, he sounds like a pretty decent player. We'll get Robert or Gary to introduce him to the finer points of our style of play if he's too good!

Graeme and Allan have picked the teams this week. See you all at Townhead.

Finally, please get your availability in for the Fitbaw Xmas Night Oot ASAP.

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