Another new face - Euan

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Euan is a relatively new face at Idox but is keen to get into a game of fives again. Here's Euan's self-evaluation results:

  1. Fitness level, out of five, where 1 is “I’ll be dead in five minutes and spend the rest in goals” and 5 is “I shall run all day and track back every time we’re in defence”
    • 2 (Possibly 3, not played football in a while)
  2. Skill level, out of five, where 1 is “The ball will likely just bounce of me” and five is “I use both feet with consummate ease and have a fine array of tricks”
    • 2 (again possibly 3, not played in a while, should be a 4)
  3. Passing ability, out of five, where 1 is “You’re lucky if I can just get the ball away from my feet!” and five is “I’m all about the one touch, total football”
    • 2
  4. Speed, out of five, where 1 is “I’m more of a long distance runner” and five is “Usain Bolt!” 
    • 2 (used to be a 5, give it a few weeks)
  5. Best position – keeper, defender, defensive midfield (good distributer), attacking midfield (goal scorer but not an out and out striker) or striker
    • Defence (Although I hate playing in defence), Attacking Mid (Who is not going to put attacking mid as a reply). Left-Back (in the changing room)!
  6. Footballing history – any useful info. Did you play amateur? More of an 11s player? Once had trials for Barcelona? Anything you think might be relevant.
    • Played 11’s for my local village team, played for a few clubs in Stirling and Paisley (cough*St Mirren*cough notreally). Played football solidly from the age of 18-24. Have been a lazy waster in the last couple of years so touch and fitness are lacking and the fat does not help, but I will hold my own and give 100% + 10!

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