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Thursday, 25 October 2012

I've done some work on the fitbaw website. We are no longer paying for hosting but we still have the domain www.fitbaw.org for another year (it was already paid for) so I've set up the blog again all done via Blogger so there are no hosting costs.

The actual address is http://fitbawtest.blogspot.co.uk but I've set up www.fitbaw.org to redirect to the blogspot address. Basically, everything is back to normal and we've still got most the stuff we had before (we've not got player profiles or the drag and drop team picker but they'll come back eventually). We've actually got a working archive again, not that I can think of any reason why someone would want to read the Fitbaw archives).

 Anyway, normal service is pretty much resumed. Let me know if there are any problems but most of the stuff will be going on Teamer these days anyway.

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