Monday, 1 October 2012

By now, most of you will have received and accepted invites to Teamer. If you've not accepted the invitation, please do, as I really want to give this a go to organise the games going forward. If you're having problems accessing it at work, then I can change your email to be a home email address so you can get access from there - just let me know.

Once you're logged in, you can manage your calendar and fill in dates when you're going to be unavailable or if you're injured, you can put your recovery time in. That way, when I come to pull the squad together, I'll see straight away who's not able to play. No more having to send me emails when you're not able to play. To get access to this, go to the team calendar and click the "Your Availability" button. From there, just click and drag the dates you can't play.

Each week, you'll get a message asking you to confirm your availability. It can be either email, text message or, if you're an iPhone user, a message sent to the Teamer app. All you have to do is reply "Y" or "N" and you'll be either in or out. If you're a no, then Teamer will automatically invite a ringer so it should hopefully make my life a bit easier. I've just sent out the first invitation for this week's game and mine ended up in my spam folder, so please make sure to check there. I might just go with text messages as they might be quicker to get responses from.

Once the game is over, Teamer can also publish the Man of the Match poll so there's something else less I'll have to do on. Let's see how it all goes and thanks for your patience in the meantime with all these emails and what not.

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