Bring on the rain!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I hope everyone's all excited about our first indoors Fitbaw experience! It's especially sweet seeing as it's frickin' minging out side today. We may not be any warmer (these places are never heated) but at least we'll be dry. I drove past "Super Soccer" at the weekend and it's here - behind that shutter is the car park (looks like plenty of room for us all to park) - next door to the car wash. First person to turn up at Townhead by mistake has to buy the first round at the Xmas Night Oot.

Speaking of which, we'll have to start thinking about dates. December's already looking pretty busy and it's only going to get worse. Here's the usual poll thing to help see who can make it. Same chat as normal - we'll go to The Admiral, reserve a few booths, give out abusive awards (Steve and Ross were meant to do it but Ross hasn't played half the season so that seems a bit unfair - would Rusty like to be Steve's glamorous assistant?) and get happily and festively pished.

In the poll, I've put down a few Friday nights as well in case people's weekends are filling up. We'll need to book sooner rather than later to make sure we get a space so if you could all get your availability in ASAP, that would be great.

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