Thursday, 6 September 2012

You know, I would say the scoreline was pretty respectable last night considering the teams. I did think we were on for a pumping but it was a relatively low scoring game and finished with only five in it when it looked like it was going to be more.

I think the picking formula might need a look at because if you look at the stats, the Tatties (who always get first pick) have won almost twice as many games as the Mince (who always pick second). If you're so inclined, have a look at the current formula and see if you can come up with any improvements. Also, Steve's on a nine game winning run and I need him to lose while I'm on holiday! ;)

Speaking of which, that's me off Fitbaw for the next two weeks. In my absence, Kyle and Steve are the men to help out but it would all be a lot easier if there were no drop outs unless you've got a really good reason. I'll be abroad so won't be getting emails and texts so DON'T send them to me as I'll not get them and no one will know you're dropping out.

It looks like Jon's going to be making a comeback at some point. He's got a new job and it's going to be Glasgow based so watch out for a Scouser shout of "TERN!" on your local Fitbaw park hopefully soon.

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