Costs go up!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

From next week, the price of a pitch is going to be £57 which means we're only going to have £3 a week to go into the kitty. It's going to be bread and water at the Xmas Night Oot. :(

Decent game last night I thought. When I saw the teams line up, I realised that we didn't really have any strikers in the team but we all chipped in and did well. Jamie was pretty handy and that was probably the difference between the teams. Great to have Jon back, shouting the orders and mopping up at the back. He looked pretty sharp too - it was as if he'd never been away. Nice finish for that goal as well.

Next week, we still have the five long(ish) term injures (Alan, Ross, Kyle, Steve & Scott) to deal with so no nancy boy excuses for not playing. I'll start chasing ringers early to try and avoid the last minute rush we had this week. If anyone can't play, please let me know this week!

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