No floods

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Despite it raining constantly since last week, the pitches are deemed to be playable so it's game on tonight. We have ten, mainly Hardcore and regular ringers but there's also a new face. Alan, from last week, will be attempting to get his first game again. If the game gets cancelled, then he's obviously a jinx and will never be asked back.

The squad is:

  1. Neil
  2. Kyle
  3. Stuart
  4. Steven
  5. Paul
  6. Robert
  7. Grant
  8. Gary
  9. Graeme
  10. New Alan
Both Steven and Robert are doing Tough Mudder with me at the weekend (feel free to sponsor us!) so please try and not to injure them.

Kyle is collecting the cash today so please try and have the correct money. If you don't have change, they'll give you some inside.

Captains wise, Neil, Paul and Stuart are all due a pick so I'm sure you can sort that out amongst yourselves.

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