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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Martie's expected comeback is on hold for another week, maybe two. Steve and Paul are on holiday and Kyle's hole in his foot needs some rest (it's a really big blister). Robert's back for his first game as official Hardcore. Grant, Gary, William SEPA Stephen are the known faces but we have two more new ones.

First off, there's New Alan who recently started at IDOX. New Alan isn't much like Old Alan at all as far as I can tell. He used to play regular football and reckons that he's "technically OK". That says to me he'll be pretty good but maybe a bit rusty seeing as he hasn't played in a year.

Secondly, we have New Simon. New Simon doesn't actually work for IDOX and is just contracting with us for six months. He normally works from Cannes but is over in the Glasgow office this week. As soon as I knew his trip would coincide with a Wednesday, I asked him to bring his kit, half jokingly, but thank goodness he did as we wouldn't have a game without him! Simon has played since he was a kid and even claims to be able to play the ball on both feet! However, he warns that his fitness is lacking.

I'll try put some teams together and get them up before the end of the day. Have a good game and don't kill the new guys!

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