Fitbaw Summer Extravaganza 2012

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Right, it's definitely the 28th July. A few folks changed dates they could make but then some more added their availability and all it means is that most people can make the 28th.

Unfortunately, Si is one of those who can't make it but we'll have a proper send off for him at the Xmas bash. Alan is (hopefully) the only other person who can't make it (so extra whisky for him at Xmas too) but pretty much everyone else should be OK.

Kyle suggested the Golf Lounge and I've not heard any objections so far so I'll head over there at some point and see if there's a deal to be done. It can be quite expensive if you stick to their packages but all we really want is a couple of booths (longest drive & closest to the pin) and a lot of beer.

So, make sure the 28th is still free (as it already should be) and I'll let you know more details as I have them. 2:30pm start?

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