Worst week EVAR

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

  • Iain (Hammy)
  • Si (Golf)
  • Neil (London)
  • Alan (Back)
  • Kyle 
  • Scott (Knee)
  • Jon (Inverness)
  • Martie (Leg)
  • Stuart (Toe)
  • Ross (Ankle)
  • Steven 
  • Paul (Painters are in)
  • Robert
  • Grant
  • Graeme
  • Michael
  • Gary
  • Tommy (Steve's father-in-law)
  • Brian (Kyle's friend)
  • Big Kev (Steve's friend)
  • John (Robert's friend)
I can't remember a week where there have been ten Hardcore out. Not sure how we've managed to get a game this week! Many thanks to Kyle and Steve for getting in even more new players.

No idea how teams are going to be picked this week. Maybe there should be a five minute skills trial for the new guys before kick off!

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