The Si-man goeth

Thursday, 21 June 2012

So after playing a total of 232 games, over nine seasons, two operations on his groin, a completely knackered ankle, being the inaugural winner of the Players' Player of the Year award and co-host of the first ever awards ceremony, Si has decided to step down from the lofty heights of Fitbaw Hardcore.

Billy Whizz

It was Si that first pestered me to actually get Fitbaw going. I'd been talking about it for a while and even sent out an exploratory email to the office that wasn't met with much enthusiasm and so had stopped pursuing it. Si, however, was keen to relive our glory days playing for Grove United and so thanks to his prompting we managed to get enough players (12 if I remember correctly!) and the rest is history.

Si's not hanging up his boots entirely. Like Foxy, he's going to hang around in the ringers list and help out when times are tough.

Thanks Si - you'll be missed!

(Yes, Robert, this does mean you get promoted!)

I woke up this morning with a feeling that I’d just broken up with someone (and I have some experience of that feeling).  As though to keep hold of some fond memories, to make me feel as though what we had was still true, I did the equivalent of looking up old holiday photos, love letters, and logged into the fitbaw website.  The torture of the broken hearted. 

I don’t know what I was expecting, or how I thought I would feel, but when I saw that photograph of me at the awards ceremony on the front page I just crumbled.  Tears, fuelled by the thoughts of happier times, rolled down my face.  The accompanying kind words struck home as with Cupid’s arrow back in 2004 and I wept, and then scrolled through some more photos on the Flikr account.  A wave swept as I saw one of me with the ball, my double combover blowing in the breeze as I drifted between Tamborini and Heighton.  Oh look, there’s Neily without a beard.  Tom in goal.  Is that Karl and Creeky in the background?  Yes it is.  Okay, the tears have dried a little, but perhaps it’s just the eye of the storm.  

There were many good years, wonderful times, and I’ll always hold it dear to my heart, but things have changed and I feel we both want something else – me some time with golf and film clubs, fitbaw with someone who can lift his head up – and so I set it free.  We’ll get over this – I know we will; we must - but right now it’s quite raw.  

 I hope we can still be friends. 

 It’s not fitbaw, it’s me. 


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