Return of Fitbaw!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What a disaster last week was. I think that might only be the second ever game to be cancelled in eight years which isn't a bad record but it's always a shame not to get a game. At least we didn't have to pay (Steve - remember your duty when you see the wee bird behind the desk tonight!).

The Hardcore squad is severely decimated at the moment, mainly due to injuries. Are we all getting too old? Also, how can we have more than half the squad injured and Steve's injury free? The irony! Here's the current list of croppers:

  • Jon - Inverness (but may be back around August!)
  • Si - hammy (but should be back on 20th June!)
  • Alan - back (no set return date)
  • Stuart - toe (no set return date)
  • Martie - leg operation (hopefully back next month)
  • Ross - ankle (might be a snapped ligament so could be months rather than weeks :( )
  • Iain - hammy (tore it playing rugby - hopefully back mid-July - check out the bruises!)

Robert, Grant & Graeme are the familiar faces and tonight also sees the return of William! Our tenth man joins us courtesy of Steve's new family. Yes, Steve's father-in-law makes up the ten! Tommy (not to be confused with Random Jakie Tommy) is 61 and still plays football twice a week (well he did up until 2 months ago when he got injured). Thanks very much to Tommy for helping out.

Robert and Steve are picking the teams which will be posted as soon as I have them.

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