FSE 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The date has been confirmed! Saturday 28th July so get it on your diaries, apply for late passes in triplicate from your nearest and dearest, set reminders and don't double book yourself! Alan and Kyle are marked down as not being able to make it but Kyle still might be able to change some plans and join us. Alan's a definite no show unfortunately.

All we now need is a plan! No real shouts for a game so we'll skip that and stick to the drinking. Kyle suggested the Golf Lounge. It'll cost a bit more than just going to the pub but it'll be something to do. Any thoughts?

The only sport that I can find on telly is Olympic women's beach volleyball but that'll do!

If anyone's got any ideas then please add a comment here so we can all see it and get a discussion going.

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