Old age

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Age seems to be taking its toll on the Fitbaw Hardcore:

  • Martie had to have a small op on his leg and will be a few more weeks away. 
  • Stu's duff toe is once again busted and will be out for a few weeks - at least it was football and not knitting this time - but it contemplating retirement! 
  • Si tried out his gammy leg without huge success so it waiting on the physio still and may also be contemplating retirement!
  • Alan's knee is still a bit sore but since we were struggling for numbers this week, he's graciously agreed to play even if it is in goals for most of the night.
Robert and Steve have picked the teams for tonight and it really looks as though the Tatties are going to be up against it but you can never tell sometimes (I reckon we're getting totally pumped though).

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