Stuart is a blouse

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Not long after his recent injury from playing hockey, Stuart has again injured himself but this time at a really manly sport - badminton! And at 9pm the night before Fitbaw too! Thanks very much to Paul who wasn't meant to be playing this week but has stepped in very last minute to give us ten. He earns the "Hero" badge this week.

Alan and I have picked the teams.

3 bits of banter:

neil williamson said...

Badminton? C'mon? I'm by no means disparaging Stu's choice of sport here - Badminton requires grace, balance and delicacy of touch; all attributes that Stuart is renowned for - but what kind of diddy-sport injury keeps you out of football? Simon's muscle strain from his quoits exploits are wholly understandable, but you never heard a peep out of Foxy when someone stamped on his long standing petanque toe injury, and do you ever hear me complain when my cribbage thumb flares up? No, sir, you do not.

Poor show!

cocovan said...

I had to Google "quoits" - that's totally something Si would play, too!

neil williamson said...

Yup. Quoits isn't only for tossers, you know.

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