team picking failure.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

I think there have been cruise ships sail closer to the shores of Italian islands than that game last night, much like the Costa Concordia v the rock (as in the one at sea not the wrestler) there was only one winner and the Mince were left more embarrassed than a captain who 'slipped' into a life boat by accident.

Not the best way to celebrate Tommy Burns night but there's always next week.

Thanks to Michael, Grant and Robert for stepping in.

Ross and Michael paid a 10er so are owed £4, which is one way of guaranteeing you play again for Michael. Another option of almost certainly being ask back is to not pay at all. Grant took up this option. we also only paid £42 towards the pitch so owe £13 extra next week. £55 for the privilege of having holes in the net and fence, unlike captain schettino and the rock (as in the one at sea not the movie) they saw us coming.

when I figure out how the new man of the match poll work I get that up!

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