2012 team picking

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So with the delays and rush last week, there wasn't time to pick the teams the way it was decided at the Xmas night out. For those in need or a gentle reminder due to a J├Ągerbomb too many, the initial idea was to use the formula to pick the teams but it was decided that with ringers and change in poeple's form, that might not be as fair as we wanted. The plan was then to have the top two players pick the teams (based on the formula) so there was still a human element involved to take into account the concerns.

The old team formula was originally based on rank (see table below) and it meant that the #2 player had a slight rank advantage by 1 point.

Total = 28Total = 27

We can use this to pick the teams in the same way. Player 2 get the first pick, then player 1 gets two, then player 2 gets two, then it's one each until we have the teams:

Picking order = 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1

At the moment, we don't really have a clear picture of who the top players are so for the next few weeks, I'm going to pick two players of similar standard and style and designate them as the top two players. Seem fair enough? It's only until the table gets sorted out a bit.

This week's #1 and #2 are Jon and Paul. Both have different pros and cons but basically they're defensive players that offer a good range of passes with the occasional foray up front for a goal or two. Jon can't get email and stuff at his work so teams will have to be picked on the park so please bring both tops.

Finally, the cost of the pitches has been raised to £55 from £54 so that's one quid less each week for beer. However, Kyle has an idea on how to raise some more cash!

Hardcore players who don't vote in MOTM will be fined 50p which will be added onto their subs for the following week. So far Stuart, Martie and Paul owe 50p each - a massive total of £1.50. In 20 weeks that could significantly improve the kitty! You have been warned!

Options to increase payment to a full English pound will be considered for persistent none voters...You reading this Paul? -Kyle

Update - Neil has suggested docking points as a penalty rather than a monetary fine. Thoughts?

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