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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Commiserations to Neil - it was a brave run that saw him stay at or near the top the entire season which is something that's very hard to do. Ross, however, started slowly, caught up towards the middle then fell away in the latter half of the season but rallied well to clinch the title in the very last game of the season. He also won the MOTM award too so, I give you, King Ross! (Rossco - points will be docked from you next year if you're too smug about this!)

Neil's done some analysis of the season that tracks everyone's progress throughout the year and plots it on a graph - ooooh! Flat areas are weeks where you either weren't playing or were losing and upward ones are winnings streaks. Click to embiggen:

All in all, it's been a pretty good season:

  • We've only needed nine reserves the entire year which is the lowest we've ever had!
  • We've had a whopping 50 games which is the most ever in a season!
  • It finished at 23 games each to the Mince and Tatties with four draws - even stevens!
  • Jon racked up 45 games this year - the most anyone has ever played in a season!
  • Martie managed 27 (more than half) which is the most he's played in years!
  • No massive injuries (other than Steve but that's to be expected)!
However, it's not been without it's lows. There have been more handbags then usual, more goal line controversy (come on Sepp, get it sorted and get TV replays!) and not a small amount of bitching and whining about the team selections (but that's to be expected). The saddest thing about this season thought, is to lose Foxy to wife enforced retirement - hopefully we can see him back for the odd game if his old legs (and wife) will let him.

See you all Saturday from 3pm at The Admiral for beers, awards, 2 for 1 pizzas and an entire afternoon of Ross being totally unbearable :)

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