Let battle commence

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ross and Stuart have picked the teams. Stuart got first pick but, to protect the footballing challenged among us, I've randomised the order from how they were picked.

Just so you know how much this means to the boys, I'll relay a bit of the email thread below:

Ross: Hoho, and so the war of words begin! You realise you NEED to win tonight Stu? I've set up to play for the draw ;o)

Stuart: ha! i was born to win so there shouldn't be any trouble there. BRING THIS ON!!!!

Ross: I gave up my Monday game and took yesterday off work just to make sure I am in peak physical condition tonight!!!

2 bits of banter:

neilwilliamson said...

I'm seriously considering turning up late to watch this unfold. And bringing popcorn...or at least a pie and a flask of bovril.

Steve B said...

I'm struggling with the cold... havent played in 2 weeks now... could do with taking it easy tonight :-)

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