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Thursday, 24 November 2011

That was a bit more like it. Everyone committed to winning but with no real niggle or arguing. Some great football played as well by both teams and, in my opinion, the best game we've had in ages. Well played to all.

Alan has pulled his calf in exactly the same way as Foxy so it looks like his season's over as well. Martie's going in to get his leg op that got re-scheduled from the other month so that's his season over too. Three Hardcore down for the rest of the season and it's Kyle's birthday so he's out for dinner. Scott's back in so that means we'll need two ringers again. It also means that Neil's going to dodge the Hat of Dooooom this season, much to the annoyance, I assume, of those chasing him.

Mathematically, it's still possible for Jon, Steve, Ross and Stuart to all catch up with Neil but that's not possible in theory as they can't all play against each other and Neil to make up the difference. Neil's missing one game out of the last three which will give Stuart and Ross the advantage in terms of games played if it all comes down to that.

So, next week, Stu and Neil can be in the same team against Ross which gives Ross the chance to catch them up and then the following week, if Ross wins, Ross can play against Stu (Neil's away) which gives either of them the chance to catch Neil. Then, it all comes down to the final game - either Ross or Stu vs Neil. Of course, if Neil and Stu win next week, then Ross would be out and then it's down to Stu to win the following week to take it to the final game of the season. I think! It could still be possible for Jon and Steve and I'll do what I can to give them the chance but it could lead to very imbalanced teams which wouldn't be fair on anyone. We'll see who's playing next week.

Oh, and last week's MOTM was a three way tie between Ross, Foxy and Stuart. Well done chaps. Biggest spread for MOTM I think we've ever had - seven different players!

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