Double the kitty

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

So I was thinking, the kitty's going to be pretty lame come Xmas time. Probably not even up to £100 so how about, before we go to the pub, we go to the casino and stick the whole lot down black? If we lose, it's only the cost of 3 drink each but if we win, we get 6 drink each out the kitty!

Wesley Snipes can't be wrong (apart from when it comes to paying your taxes - always do that, kids, and don't do drugs either).

What do you think?

2 bits of banter:

Foxy said...

I'm going to offer some wisdom to this - Its better to have £100 in the kitty than feck all - if you get 12 or 13 guys going to the doo then I'm sure they wont object sticking some extra dosh into the coffers.

I'm happy to post £20 myself seeing as I haven't played as often as others.

biscuits said...

Agree with foxy, but like the suggestion from the fun point if view!

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