One to forget

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A close game but somewhat ruined by some silly squabbling over some controversial goals which led to raised tempers and some harder challenges than were necessary from both sides. All friends at the end though which is the main thing.

For future reference, if the ball ends up rebounded off the back board and coming out through the goal, it's no longer in play. You wouldn't score a goal and then score again off the rebound if it came back out of the D. Last night's goal stands but that's the rule going forward. As Jon pointed out, it's never happened in the last eight years so it probably won't happen again for another eight years but here's the official ruling in case it does.

Also, if someone is standing in the D near the keeper to physically impair them or blocking their line of sight then any goals scored against that keeper shouldn't count. Whether Steve was impeding or not, I couldn't tell, but there was no way Kyle was going to get to that peach of a shot anyway ;)

Next week Scott, Jon and Foxy are all out so no Hat of Doom and we'll need a ringer.

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