Four v four

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

No luck in getting the tenth man today so Paul is happy enough not to play giving us a proper 4 v 4 battle. Again, no reason why this shouldn't count to give it your all - at least it's not as hot as last week.

Out this week are Kyle, Steve and me - we're going karting with work (they're making us - honest). Foxy & Scott are on holiday, Martie's working and there are quite a few reserves out too. Thanks to all the guys who tried to find a tenth man - it's just one of those weeks, unfortunately.

I think it's best that you just pick the teams yourself up there seeing as it's 4 v 4. Please give you money to Alan before the game as the kitty is empty. Have a good game and look out for Big Steve's comeback next week!

The squad is:

  • Si
  • Neil
  • Alan
  • Jon
  • Stuart
  • Ross
  • Robert
  • SEPA Stephen

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