That game totally counts!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

I see no reason why that game shouldn't count as normal:

  • It was 4 v 4, not 5 v 4 so the teams were balanced
  • Both teams had the advantage of the reserve for equal amounts of time (the Mince actually had 2 mins more of reserve action)
  • Everyone battled for the win right to the end (Ross was still shouting they could win it with 30 seconds to play)
  • Yes Jon switched sides, but, as always, he gave 100% no matter what team he was in (Jon would get the win of course)
Obviously, I expect the Mince to bitch and moan but I'm going to need some valid reasons for the game not to count! Please state your opinion in MOTM.

In regards to Grant, he and Kyle got confused and kept missing each other and finally met back at Kyle's flat at 7:15 so that's why we never saw Grant again. Just one of those things.

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