Tennants Bar, 3pm

Thursday, 21 July 2011

See you all (apart from Alan who has a family party to go to) there. We'll meet up and just take it from there - the plan is, there is no plan!

If you're wanting food at some point in the evening, then it's just going to be a case of grab what you want, when you want it. Everyone's on their own for food.

The kitty has £168 in it but ringers and those Hardcore who have been  absent for a large part of the season will need to chip in a few more quid:


  • Steve = £4
  • Martie = £4
  • Foxy = £8
  • Grant = £5
  • Paul = £5
  • Robert = £10
  • Stephen = £10
  • Michael = £10
That should work out at £14 / head which should get everyone four or five pints which should get us through the first hour! I should be there, with kitty, for 3 so the earlier you arrive, the more kitty there will be!

If anyone's interested in watching the Rangers game, which kicks off at 12:30, I believe Martie and Stuart will be starting early so get in contact with them.

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