Internationally famous "footballer" joins the Fitbaw ranks

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another week, another scrabble to find ten players - will you lot stop going on holiday please? Thanks to Si, we have our tenth player - a young man called Nick. Nick has to dubious honour of having belonged to the worst football team in the UK! Northend Thistle (from Arran) were so bad they they went 18 years without a win. They were so bad that someone even did a piece on them for the telly (featuring Nick!) - he's the very tall chap about 1:00 minute into the video.

I'm not sure if Nick still plays for Northend but they recently won an actual match, breaking their 18 year duck. Charlie Nicolas seemed to find it very funny. Click the image below to play the video.

So, Nick has played football before but does that mean he's good or due to his affiliation with Northend Thistle, is he absolutely terrible? I have no idea - maybe we pick teams up there after giving him a five minute trial?

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