Wednesday, 1 June 2011

whilst Iain has been sunning himself in Portugal, I've had a nightmare getting 10 players. Some of the blame I will take, some I will blame on a bank holiday and some I will blame on old age making people ill...In this case Neil. Who of course we all hope gets better soon bla bla bla.

Out are:
Ian - Eating Spanish cucumbers in Portugal.
Foxy - playing golf, he's probably quite good at it now.
Stuart - No idea where he is.
Neil - Ill.
Jon - No idea where Jon is either.
Steven - Injured, but today is wearing a really gay waistcoat. I was going to mention its quite tight too but I would image we all knew that, he must stop shopping at baby gap.

Anyway, due to so many people pulling out we have the following ringers:

Paul - Who is becoming more regular than my girlfriends headaches at 'business time'.
Grant - Who is shite at golf.
Michael - Who I found out this week is a Finance Director at Tennent Caledonian Breweries...surely that means free beer, why has this not been mentioned before?
Ian - Who is my house mate, and is going on holiday on Friday but is still playing (that is a dig at everyone who wont play a week before they go on holiday).

See you all tonight for a game that will hopefully less 1 sided than a champions league final.

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