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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Firstly, not a great game in the end as we were to strong...I ll take the blame for that. Last time I saw Ian play he couldn't score in a barrel of fannies and he's 'supposedly' a defender. He being fitter and better than I anticipated made the teams a bit lob sided so apologies to everyone for that and to Ian for thinking he would be rubbish....

what that doesn't make up for is the money! I have no idea who paid what last night but since I've done the last 2 weeks I appear to be making some catastrophic errors!

First 1 last night.

Alan only paid £2 because he paid a £10 the week before. which means from last week we are in fact £5 down rather than £1. Did anyone not pay?

After than we have:
Michael paid £7 is that right?
Ross paid £5
Paul didn't pay anything (but said before the game so that fine, double next time)
And I think everyone else paid, however my figures aren't adding up so if I have missed someone could they let me know.

...back to the game. Poll is up. Vote away.

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