It was over in 5 minutes

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Five goals down in five minutes did not bode well for the Tatties last night but we got a few back and then promptly went eight down! The fact we managed to get it back to two a couple of times near the end was nothing short of a miracle.

We were second to every ball, were standing watching as the men we were supposed to be marking calmly picked up every rebound and slotted them home and relied on Steven and Kyle to work some individual magic to get us our goals.

That being said, our crapness did allow the Mince to play some nice football and they more than deserved the win.

Last week's MOTM was actually won by Scott as I hadn't voted but did plump for Scott in the end.

Finally, if you've not got your choices in for the Summer Extravaganza, please do sooner rather than later (Si & Stu, I'm looking at you). Also, I've only had one reply about the Ian Younger Sixes - if you want to play, let me know please.

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