Fitbaw Summer Extravaganza = 23rd July

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's decided! Please stick it in your diaries/calendars/phones/post-it notes/etc so we don't get any drop outs. Thanks all for filling in the poll and we have a date that everyone, even Paul, can make! We can get a plan a bit closer to the time but it will include at least two of the following; fitbaw, pub, beer, bbq, food.

In other news, Mr Fox is taking a wee break from Fitbaw for the summer as he wants to work on his golf. At 59 years of age, he's finally realised that he's not going to make it as a professional footballer (there's still hope for the rest of us!) and so will be focusing on getting his handicap down from 17 to the low teens, in the hope of joining the European Tour next season. We'll hopefully see him back when it starts to get dark again in the evening. Good news for Paul & Michael.

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