The brave nine

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

As we stand, it's a 4 v 5 (or a 4 v 4 if that's what you'd prefer). I've tried over a dozen people and Ross, Jon and Si have also tried friends/colleagues/family/pets but with no joy. It's just one of those weeks and I think this is only the second time in seven and a half years we've failed to get the ten we require.

Many thanks go to Stuart and Neil who weren't meant to be playing but are pulling their boots on anyway to help out. Thanks also to SEPA Stephen who agreed to play but then fell off his bike and injured himself just yesterday but is still going to play. And of course, thanks to the ever faithful Hardcore

Given the circumstances, I think it's best that we just count tonight's game as a friendly. Even if we scraped up a tenth player, we've got two players injured, so just enjoy tonight's game, finish dead on 7:30 and go watch the Europa Cup Final.


1. Foxy = golf
2. Martie = London with work
3. Iain = running the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday (I really don't want to get injured!)
4. Scott = baby sitting
5. Steve = injured


1. Stuart (injured so will be stuck in goals)
2. Alan
3. Si
4. Neil (wasn't meant to be playing but is skipping sound check to help out)
5. Kyle
6. Jon
7. Ross
8. Grant
9. SEPA Stephen (injured so will be stuck in goals)

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