Martie actually won?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The reason for the auto-generated teams (cunning formula) was because I was trying to put Si and I in the same team (as we were going our for a beer after the game) but couldn't get it to work. Steve and Kyle wouldn't both agree on any of the team selections. So, it was 5:30 and Martie emailed to ask what top to bring and just said "Use the auto teams". So I did and Kyle and Steven seemed happy.

In reality, it didn't work out as the close game we all wanted it to be. At one point, there was only three in it but some bickering in the Mince team didn't help a comeback. Hugs for everyone!

However, it does mean that Stuart takes the lead at the top of the table on the basis of games played!

Next week Stu is out but Foxy is making his comeback after five weeks of golf lessons. Alan and Jon will be back as well so a potential HoD situation.

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