"You're ruining the game!"

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Andy's final game tonight and so, he's selected the teams. It'll be the Andy Hood All Stars (AHAS) vs Happy Hardcore Select (HHS). Nice that it's an all Hardcore affair for his testimonial (note - no money will be going to Andy. If the fucker can afford to take a couple of years off work, then he doesn't need the takings from the gate as well!).


In his Fitbaw career, Andy joined us as a super sub (new guy who can play last minute) in late 2007 and quickly gained promotion. He's brought more than just stroppy outbursts and random shouts ("You're ruining the game!" will always be special) to Fitbaw, he also proposed the summer drinking session, something that is now firmly part of the fixture calendar.


It was Andy, along with Kyle, that raised the bar for awards after their stint back in 2008, handing out wooden spoons, dummies, organising arm wrestling contests and such nonsense. The Awards have gone from strength to strength since then.

The Hardcore & friends

Some stats about Andy then:

Played = 124 (before tonight)
Won = 59
Lost = 58
Drawn = 7
MOTM Wins = 9.75
Highest League Position = 4th
Lowest League Position = 6th

Basically, if he loses tonight, he finishes his career with the same number of wins as losses. To use the words of Mr Stuart Marshal, Andy's "bang average". Hey, that's what Fitbaw is all about! I'll leave you with the only footage I have of Andy on the park - being skinned by Robert.

So long Andy, it's been emotional!

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