Bruised bell end

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Has there ever been a game where two sides had such contrasting performances? The Tatties had fluid passing, speed on the attack, quick one twos, accurate shooting and all the luck in the world - devastating to try and play against so well played to everyone one of the Tatties who were all out the toppest of top drawers.

The Mince, well, let's just say that they had entirely the opposite of that and leave it there shall we? One positive note that was despite being supremely rubbish, we actually kept going and no one's head went down so hurrah for spirit.

Next week Foxy and Steven are out and Stu should be back so might be an all Hardcore match.

A date for your diary - our annual sixes tournament is Saturday 25th June at Lesser Hampden. Don't book any holidays!

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