Idox V the World

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Its Idox vs the rest tonight. Like it or lump it. Andy Gray isn't busy so he's coming along to commentate.

We shouldn't laugh really should we. In fact I was having an argument with my misses about sexism.

She reckons he deserved to be sacked for being so sexist. I said it was joke and it was all be blown out of proportion. Her closing argument was that it was completely unacceptable in today's world, but that she was not surprised by his comments because he's a man, and men are naturally ignorant.

anyway full scale argument, she ended up screaming at me, "I'm going to make you so miserable! I'm going to leave you!".... Make your mind up darling!!

Umm. Yes Iain is out, Andy is out, Martie is out. none of them have anything to do with being under the thumb, because were all men and as we know men are so much better than women......

please dont send this to my misses.

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