Fitbaw Xmas Night Oot 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Not a bad game to finish the season on. The score line was very flattering to the Mince as it was close all the way through until we managed to get a few ahead - probably coinciding with Jon's injury. Some good goals from both sides - individual and some nice team goals too. Please get your MOTM votes in today if possible so we can crown the Players' Player of the Year for Saturday.

Speaking of which, The Admiral has been booked for 2:30pm onwards on Saturday. Mr Marshal is handing out the awards this year so bring your big boy pants. The Kitty has a grand total of just over £200 so that should see us a decent way into the evening. Here's a run down of the main recurring awards - the stats are all up to date:

  • Player of the Year (POTY) = Scott
  • Players' Player of the Year (PPOTY) = One (or more) of Steven, Kyle, Scott or Si
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) = Foxy (this is a new one based on the old stats ranking of points/game)
  • Wooden Spoon = Stevie

Steve can't make it as he's off boarding in Europe somewhere but I'm sure Neil will track him down and hand over the smelly sanie award for coming last in the table. Alan is a maybe after pulling out yesterday's game with Man Flu. Wee Paul can't make it and Michael is also a maybe.

With Snowmageddon #2 hitting today/tomorrow there's a chance that travelling into town for some may be impossible. In that case, we'll call off the night oot and reschedule for January. There will be an announcement on the website by noon on Saturday at the very latest so be sure to check before you head off.

It's been another good season so thanks to everyone - hopefully see you on Saturday!

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