It doesn’t matter if you’re blue or white

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Apparently white and light blue accounts for a dark top these days...Well you’re wrong Paul, it counts for nothing! Please try harder if you ever get invited back. You get away with it because of your nicely coloured boots. Although it was only the sole of them that was bright orange! Bit strange but ok. I can’t really have a go at people wearing coloured boots. The excuse for mine is...I’m f**king brilliant so can wear what I want. In fact maybe the colour of your boots has some bearing on how good you are. I have fully bright boots, so I’m amazing. Paul has some colour so he’s ok. Stu has black boots so can at least kick a ball... Iain why do you even wear boots?

As for last night’s game. Things were going smoother than a commonwealth games for the mince before the heavens opened and we collapsed like a Delhi bridge. Then the rain stopped and like an Indian wedding everything went as expected, although it wasn’t pretty (the football not the bride).
Regardless it was a win for the mince, which means Scott stretches his lead at the top and Jon is getting so bad were thinking of employing Nigel de Jong to put him out of his misery.

On to next week, again I don’t know if anyone is unavailable. So please let me know. Big Steve appears to be the only one out.

Don’t forget we have the charity thing on Sunday for Mr Hood, about 15:00 at the Ivy. See you all there.

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