Return of the Gordon

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A welcome return to Gordo who is back from the states for a few weeks. This will be the 2nd time since leaving he’s been back, not only that he’s still employed by Idox. In my book this means he didn’t leave at all so I want my £2.50 back that I put in for your leaving present.

Si said he couldn’t play then decided he could which is pretty indecisive of him. You need to be more like me Si, I’m very decisive. Well I think I am anyway.

Andy’s Cousin Howzer who is in town is also playing after Andy begged me to get him a spot. Even leaving me kisses at the end of his text messages. Actually he said if I don’t let him play then I’m a duck. I assume he meant something else but you know how predictor text on these phones work. I mean one time I text my girlfriend and told her I wanted to “play with her aunt” that took some explaining.

Anyway other than Gordo and Howzer it’s an all hardcore affair. Iain is in Wales, I have a dead leg and Foxy is watching Rangers tonight. I suppose one of the Idox boys should take the money, Alan do you mind??

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