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Thursday, 23 September 2010

I had the headlines for Scott's continued run all worked out - pictures and all! However, thanks to some battling from the Tatties to get back into the game from 7-2 down, it was not to be. Scott's 8 in a row run of wins has now come to an end. I think Stuart still holds the record of ten wins in a row from way back in 2005.

Next week I'm off on holiday so (hopefully) sunny Wales, boyo! Steven is obviously out for another 4 weeks or so which is a shame for the big man. Si's back from holiday but is up north working so won't be able to play and Neil will hopefully be feeling better. That leaves us one short at the moment but we'll have to take a fitness test on Stuart's toe so one ringer at least. Maybe more. If anyone can't make it next week, please let me know before the end of Friday or Kyle if it's after that. Thanks.

Finally, in case you missed yesterday's post about Andy's charity runs, please take a look and get involved in some way. Jon's also helping out by doing all ten of the runs with Andy but on bike. I know Si and I are doing at least one, maybe more, so it's a real Fitbaw effort.

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