Eight in a row

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Scott's closing in on Stuart's record, from 2005, of 10 wins on the bounce. It should be noted that even though Stu had that amazing run, he still failed to win POTY that year, having it grabbed from him at the last minute by the Cunning Fox.

Despite getting a bit pumped, I didn't completely hate last night's game. There were some good goals scored by both teams with no one really giving up and everyone getting stuck in but with no niggles. That said, even though Kyle, Foxy and I all signed off on those teams, by the time I got on the pitch I felt that we would be up against it and so it proved with the Mince never looking really worried.

Never mind - Ross and Steven will hopefully be back next week so the teams will be Ross, Steven, Kyle, Jon and Alan vs Scott and the rest ;)

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