Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Andy's back this week but I'm resting up/avoiding injury for this half marathon on Sunday and Jon can't make it this week. Paul is the tenth man.

Teams this week have been picked using the same method of me drawing them up and looking for feedback from Foxy/Kyle/Steve. In the wise words of Mr Fox, "and ah big GTF if you dont like them...simples!!!".

Jon mentioned in the MOTM chat this week about an 11-a-side game. This is something that's been talked about for years (see this old team selection from 2005 - click to embiggen):

If Fitbaw played 11-a-side...

It was banded about at the Summer Extravaganza - Andy and Ross' Monday Night Football vs Fitbaw. The big debate was who Andy and Ross would play for of course. So, let's see if we can't do something about it. Obviously, if Andy and Ross play for MNF, we'll have to wait until Steve is fit again, if only so there's someone to take care of Robert.

Is everyone up for it?

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