FIFA Fair Play

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Scott pointed out that if ever there was a game to match the cliché "a game of two halves" then last night was it. About half way through the game, it was 9-4 to the Mince, then the Tatties pulled a few back to make it 9-6 which is when Stuart decided to lose the ball.

After we resumed with that crappy plastic ball, it just all went a bit Pete Tong. If the Mince won the first half 9-4, the Tatties won the second half 9-1. Oof! The fact that we were throwing away a lead in a game we used to have control over probably led to a lot of the frustration and narkiness that began to creep into the game.

This of course wasn't help by Mr Hood's shocking decision to just drop the ball and turn his back on it when the ball went into the nets! What better way to further noise up an already tetchy game and get everybody riled. I'll be speaking to your mother young man!

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