Pick 'em yourselves

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

  • Neil's at a wedding
  • Foxy's babysitting
  • Stuart's got a cough (hey, it' better than his hay-fever excuse)
  • Ross is fit and ready to play but didn't tell me in time
  • My back is busted
  • Alan's back from holidays
  • Paul's playing
  • Robert's back
  • Grant's toe is hopefully up to the job
Therefore the squad is:
  1. Alan
  2. Si
  3. Kyle
  4. Scott
  5. Andy
  6. Jon
  7. Steven
  8. Paul
  9. Robert
  10. Grant
I've got no time to get any teams sorted so if someone sends me teams, great. If not please bring both tops and you can pick them on the battle field.

Gave a good game!

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